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To request an appointment please complete our Clinic Registration Form.  First, review our fees listed below.  
These are our actual costs to complete your animal's surgery.  
Male                     $55
Female                 $65
If you have general questions regarding our appointment process please email our clinic coordinator,  As our time
to return phone calls is usually limited, it is always quicker to contact us via email.

We always recommend
microchips ($25) if finances allow.  For dogs needing a standard vaccine our
veterinarians recommend the
DHPP combo vaccine ($10).  For cats the FVRCP combo vaccine ($10) is
recommended along with the
FELV vaccine ($15).  Preventative de-worming is available and we can also apply
topical flea treatment for $10-$12 per dose (one month).  Please note that these additional services may be limited
for animals being subsidized by outside organizations.
Dogs - Male
Small                   $80
Medium                $90
Large                   $100
Dogs - Female
Small                    $85
Medium                $95
Large                   $105
Spay/Neuter Clinic Fees
Dedicated to solving
companion-animal over erpopulation
Georgia Animal Project is a 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to solving companion animal overpopulation.
Clinic Location:
Downtown Ball Ground, GA
(by appointment only)
310 Gilmer Ferry Road Ste B

Clinic Scheduling:
Online Appointment Form
or 770-704-PAWS (7297)
Rabies vaccines are included at no additional charge and will be given unless you provide proof
your animal is current.  Post-operative pain injections and nail trims are also included at no charge.
Unless requested otherwise, we provide all dogs and cats with a small tattoo mark adjacent to their incision to
facilitate future veterinary examinations.  

The following additional services are available on the day of surgery and can be added when you check in:
Strongid Dewormer
Combo Dewormer
Heartworm Test
FELV vaccine  
Strongid dewormer
Combo Dewormer

$10   Annual vaccine
$15   Feline Leukemia vaccine
$5     standard dewormer
$15   full-spectrum dewormer
$10   prevent licking after surgery
$25   includes registration

$10           Annual vaccine
$10           Kennel cough vaccine
$5             standard dewormer
$15-$40    full-spectrum dewormer
$10           prevent licking after surgery
$20           test for Heartworms
$25           includes registration
We routinely alter animals that are pregnant, in heat
or cryptorchid.  We do not charge additional fees for
these conditions, but please let us know about them
when you make an appointment so that our doctors
can plan ahead.  
Georgia Animal Project is not a substitute for your regular veterinarian.  We are a high quality, low-cost
spay/neuter clinic.  We do not provide examinations or vaccinations to the general public, only to animals having a
spay/neuter procedure or those that have recently been seen by us.