Spay/Neuter Clinic Information

How our Clinic Works

Our non-profit mission is to provide high-quality spay/neuter services to the general public at cost.  All surgeries are by appointment only. 

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Directions to Georgia Animal Project

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Needing Low-Cost Vaccines?

Seeking affordable vaccinations in our area? We recommend Pet Shots Express in Canton.  Georgia Animal Project only provides vaccines to animals at the time of their surgery.

Georgia Animal Project is not a substitute for a Primary-care veterinarian.

We are a high quality, low-cost spay/neuter clinic. We do not provide examinations or vaccinations to the general public, only to animals having a spay/neuter procedure or those that have recently been seen by us.  We do not perform procedures outside of our spay/neuter mission.

Support your local Veterinarian. They are an important part of our community and your companion-animal’s health.

Low-Cost Spay/Neuter Alternatives

There are a number of high-quality, low-cost alternatives for spay/neuter in the metro-Atlanta area.